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I was a doubter of this page myself, but it turns out it is legit! Granted I only won a KFC Dinner, but none-the-less it showed up in my mailbox a few days later! And it was so easy! All I did was come up with a creative way to finish a sentence! LOVE BIG PRIZE! And I will continue to enter and try to win prizes!
Jonelle Nowak won a chicken dinner from KFC!
Greetings, I did indeed win a computer - with a story behind it. I am one of those schmucks that entered once...AND WON! Apparently - the BigPrize folks tried to contact me several times for me to claim my Dell...but I guess I just kept ignoring them. They finally - after 2 months - contacted my son (listed as a FB friend) and thru him, they were able to get a hold of me to claim the computer. When my son first got a hold of me, my response was, "It's a scam" - but after confirming with the person I suggested to win a computer - in my list of friends - they too, won a computer - I knew it was legit. I asked my friend if there were any strings attached - phone calls, forms, e-mails. He advised - nothing of the sort. I finally received the computer - shipped directly from Dell just a couple of days ago. It's For Real! Now, if I can just keep it away from my two boys and my wife! Good Luck, Dave Iowa
Dave M won a Dell!
Anna Tricarico won a iPhone 5s

Carlos Carrillo won a Franchi Intensity

Barry Forsythe won a PSE DNA SP Bow

Clint Cole won a PSE DNS SP bow, 6 arrows along with 6 Nockturnal Nocks

Sol Griffin won an Amazon Kindle Fire

Steve Spring won a NRA Lifetime Membership

Greg-Tina Loveall won a NRA Lifetime Membership

William Carder won a NRA Lifetime Membership

John Hanko won a NRA Lifetime Membership

Del Maynard won a Wicked Ridge Warrior HL Premium Crossbow Package

Tracey Anderson won a Hilleberg Rogen Yellow Label Tent

Anthony Kitelinger won a 1-Year Supply of Dog Food

Shane Peckham won a Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24 Scope

Martin Vanderheide won a $250 Gift Card

Matt Marks won 4 Quaker State 400 Tickets, 2 Mechanix Wear Hats, 2 Pair of Mechanix Wear Gloves, and 2 Lanyards

Cliff Dehn won a $250 Gift Card

Ronald Baker won a 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP

Michael McLane won a $250 Gift Card

Denny Nagy won a TaylorMade R1 Black Driver

Jason Black won a Benelli Ethos

Kim Smith won a MacBook Pro

Gilberto Gonzalez won a PSE Verge/Verge:Stiletto

Kelsie Spieker won a Nature Blinds TreeBlind

Jamie Roden Olson won a Federal Ammo Premium Prize Package

Amy Kundinger won a Savage Axis Stainless XP Rifle

Tessie West won a Camp Chef Grill Package

Kim Turner won a Browning A5 Shotgun

Shaun Carney won a Scent-Lok Alpha Tech Package

David Adams won a Invader HP Package